Did Lululemon Change the Align Legging Fabric? Info About the Surprising 2020 Update

Did Lululemon change the Align legging fabric?

If you purchased a pair of Lululemon Aligns in the second half of 2020, you may have noticed a slight change in the fabric.

You aren’t imagining it. They really did change the Aligns.

A helpful person posted on Reddit about a conversation with a Lululemon Guest Services representative. The Lululemon employee confirmed that the Align fabric has indeed changed: 

“The Align Pant is still made with our Nulu fabric which feels buttery soft and weightless. However, the fabric has recently been updated with a new brushing technique to make the products more durable and less susceptible to pilling… The Align Pant will still be soft, weightless, and breathable with the 4-way stretch.” (Source: Reddit post)

Why did Lululemon change the Align?

The Align legging is one of the brand’s best selling items. So why would they change it? According to the Lululemon employee, the fabric was update to make the leggings more durable. When reading reviews, by far, the biggest complaint about Aligns is the fabric pilling. This update is an attempt to fix that issue. 

What is the new fabric like? 

The fabric is still brushed, but it feels less cottony and very slightly thinner. It is also more smooth. At first, I thought it might be closer to Everlux; however after comparing them side by side, I can see it is still quite a bit different than Everlux fabric.  It’s still Nulu, but smoother and supposedly more durable. It seems to be just as stretchy and breathable. 

Close-up of the old Nulu vs new Nulu (it is very hard to discern a difference in the photos): 

did lululemon change the align fabric? here is a comparison photo of the old nulu vs new nulu

But there is an obvious difference when you view the close-up of the new Nulu vs Everlux: 

did lululemon change align fabric? here is a comparison photo of the new nulu vs everlux

Did anything else change with the Align?

As far as I can tell, no. At least not on the black pairs. I compared an old pair with the new fabric, and I did not notice any other changes. The waistband design and width is the same. The seams and gusset design are the same.

However, in some colors (like navy), the gusset now has a slightly different fabric in a subtly different color. 

Are the new Aligns as good as the old ones? 

Personally I think the new Aligns are equally comfortable and flattering as the old ones. I don’t mind the new fabric. As far as quality, I have only had my new pair a few days, so I can’t comment yet on the durability and longevity of the fabric. I will update this post in the future with more details on how the material has held up. 

But if you are not a fan of the new Align fabric, definitely take the time to write a review on the Lululemon website. I believe these changes are the brand trying to remedy previous bad feedback. Whether or not this version sticks will depend on reviews and sales.

Is the change obvious?

It depends. If you are very perceptive and look closely, you will notice a change. I can tell a difference when I compare the new and old Nulu side by side, but it’s harder to detect when viewing one pair alone. I suspect many people won’t even notice the change. I asked Mr. Shoppycat to compare the two, and he was not able to detect a difference. 

Are Aligns now similar to Wunder Trains?

Although the fabric of Aligns is now closer to Wunder Trains, it’s still different than Everlux. The Wunder Trains have an even smoother, slicker fabric. Also Wunder Trains are more compressive. 

Close-up of the new Nulu vs Everlux: 

did lululemon change align fabric? here is a comparison photo of the new nulu vs everlux

A little more Align history

This is actually the 3rd major revision for the Align legging. The Align legging that is super popular today is the Align II style. The original Aligns had a double seam/hem on the front, but they simplified the seam design with the Align II. Lululemon also shortened the gusset hem on the Align II.

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