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CRZ Yoga is Making (Surprisingly Good) Products for Men!

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Lululemon lookalikes for men

Shop the line of CRZ Yoga activewear for men

It’s happening! Companies are finally starting to create men’s activewear that is similar to or inspired by Lululemon.

This is a big deal, and it’s long overdue. There are already dozens of brands on Amazon creating products with a similar style, for women. But until recently, there weren’t any options for people seeking alternatives to Lululemon’s men’s line.

Personally, I love to shop at Lululemon, but I also love to find a great deal on a similar product. Here’s some of the main reasons you might consider an alternative or similar product.

  • The biggest thing? You don’t want to spend as much money. Often times, you can get the look for less, if you look at other brands with similar products.
  • There are certain occasions when you want the Lulu look, but you don’t want to damage your actual Lulu items. This is a real scenario, trust me.
  • You may want more color options.
  • Lulu items are often sold out.

As a reminder, these products are NOT counterfeit items. These are just products with a similar style. Shoppycat does NOT endorse, promote, or link to any counterfeit products or illegal copies of trademarked products.

The products in this post are all products by CRZ Yoga. Mr. Shoppycat has been trying out a few items in the line. We’ll be adding more men’s activewear reviews soon!

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Now let’s break down some of our favorite options for men’s Lululemon lookalikes!

CRZ All Day Comfy Pant

Similar to Lululemon Commission Pant

Link to product: CRZ YOGA Men’s All Day Comfy Golf Pants

Let’s start with a standout product in the CRZ men’s line. First up, we have a really awesome pair of stretchy pants that are similar to Lululemon’s Commission pants in Warpstreme.

Mr. Shoppycat has been testing these, and says they are great pants for activities like golf or can be dressed up for business casual wear. These are available in several colors currently. Mr. Shoppycat purchased the khaki and navy shades.

Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga

Link to product: CRZ YOGA Men’s All Day Comfy Golf Pants

The Lululemon Commission pant is a classic chino design but with a technical fabric and with performance in mind. The CRZ pant is similar, with details like the seam across the back of the knee and the small snaps on the back pockets.

The fabric of the CRZ pants is 100% polyester, similar to the Lululemon pants which are also 100% polyester.


  • Lightweight, breathable, stretchy material
  • Hidden zipper pocket on the side
  • Small snaps on the back pockets
  • Slim, tapered leg
  • Comes in 30, 32, and 34″ inseam
  • Durable and resistant material

Reviewer notes:

Mr. Shoppycat ordered the CRZ pants a few weeks ago. He’s notoriously picky about clothing, but he loves them! He has been wearing them non-stop, and he’s already ordered two more pairs. That’s a pretty strong endorsement! For reference, his other non-denim pants are from Arc’teryx and Bluffworks.

“They are comfortable and stretchy, but the waist is still strong. I can wear them without a belt and they haven’t stretched out in the waist like my Arc’teryx pants did.” – Mr. Shoppycat

However there are a few things to note:

  • Some colors seemed to run small. You may want to order a few sizes to figure out which works best for you.
  • The 34″ version is not just a longer version of the 32″ version. The cut of the pant is different. It’s similar to petite sizing in women, where the rise is different, and the fabric cut through the knee is different. Mr. Shoppycat found that the longer length fit him better through the leg, despite being a different length of pant than he normally wears. The style of this pant doesn’t look bad with a little extra fabric at the bottom, but hemming is always an option if you are bothered by it.
  • Note: The primary difference between Lululemon’s ABC and Commission pants is the back pockets. The Commission is more of a khaki or chino design, whereas the ABC pant has a five-pocket jean styling. CRZ also makes a version of this pant that is an ABC Pant lookalike with the five pockets.

Here is a close-up of the fabric on the CRZ Yoga pants:

close-up of a pant made by crz yoga, similar style to lululemon commission pant

CRZ YOGA All Day Comfy Golf Joggers 

Similar to Lululemon ABC Jogger

Link to product: CRZ YOGA All Day Comfy Golf Joggers

These are like the jogger version of the pant above. Another standout product in the CRZ Yoga for men line!

Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga


  • Comes in 9 different colors
  • 30″ inseam
  • 100% polyester
  • Drawstring with elastic waistband
  • Breathable, stretchy fabric
  • Two side pockets and one inner mesh pocket, plus a back zipper pocket
  • Closer to the skinny-fit version of the ABC jogger than the more slouchy regular ABC jogger

CRZ YOGA Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts with Liner

Another Lululemon Lookalike

Link to product: CRZ YOGA Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts with Liner

I’m not sure which Lululemon product these are closest to… maybe T.H.E. short if it was offered in a liner version? At any rate, these are Mr. Shoppycat’s FAVORITE shorts. After trying them for a gym workout, he immediately went on Amazon and ordered several more colors in both liner and liner-less option.

Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga


  • Comes in 16 different colors
  • Offered in both 7″ and 9″ length
  • Also come in a linerless version
  • Drawstring waistband
  • Super lightweight outer fabric that is breathable and quick drying
  • Comfortable liner with a pocket to hide phone or wallet
  • Feathery-Fit Fabric: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

CRZ YOGA 4-Way Stretch Athletic Pants

Similar to Lululemon Soft Jersey Tapered Pant

Link to product: CRZ YOGA 4-Way Stretch Athletic Pants

Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga
Photo courtesy of CRZ Yoga

CRZ Yoga also made a pair of joggers designed for daily wear and activities. This is similar to the Lululemon Soft Jersey Tapered Pant.


  • Fabric: 69% Polyamide, 31% Spandex
  • Side pockets and a back pocket with zipper
  • Slim, tapered design
  • CRZ option only available in a 30″ inseam, whereas Lululemon’s joggers are available in 27, 29, and 31″ lengths
  • Designed to be a slim, fitted jogger. Size up if you want a looser fit.

Additional products worth a look

Mr. Shoppycat hasn’t had a chance to review these yet, but they look pretty sharp!

Shop the entire line of CRZ Yoga activewear for men

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