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Athleta Lookalikes: Affordable Amazon Options for the Athleta Look

review of several affordable athleta alternatives available on amazon

The best affordable Athleta alternatives for leggings, joggers, and sweatshirts

If you’re looking for affordable Athleta alternatives, you’ve come to the right place!

I love Athleta, but I also love getting a great deal on a similar product. In this post, I’ll share some of the best affordable options that I’ve found, and they are all available on Amazon.

Even if you love Athleta like I do, here are some key reasons to consider the more alternatives:

  • You don’t want to spend as much money. These pieces have a similar style but are more affordable.
  • There are certain occasions when you want a specific look, but you don’t want to damage your actual high-end activewear items.
  • You may want more colors.
  • Athleta items are often sold out or discontinued. I love Athleta, but they keep discontinuing my favorite styles! (For ex: Chaturanga leggings, Metro leggings, Chi tops). In fact, I first discovered the brand CRZ Yoga because I was searching for a replacement for the Athleta Aspire pant.

As a reminder, these products are NOT counterfeit items. These are simply similar items that are (usually) available at a lower price point. Shoppycat does NOT endorse, promote, or link to any counterfeit products or illegal copies of trademarked products.

Ok let’s see the products!

The best of the best

New in late 2023, the Colorfulkoala Dreamlux collection has the BEST Salutation lookalike that I’ve found.

Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala
Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala
Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala

You can read my full review of the Colorfulkoala Dreamlux collection here.

Similar to Salutation Leggings and Elation Leggings

Note: Salutation and Elation leggings are very similar, but one has pockets.

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Salutation Jogger

If you seek a cheaper version of Salutation joggers, there are tons of options on Amazon! This is likely because Athleta’s Salutation joggers are very similar to Luluemon Align joggers, which are frequently an inspiration for other brand designs. These options all have a similar cut and style, but there are many different fabric options. My personal favorite joggers are the Colorfulkoala joggers. They are buttery soft, with a matte and slightly brushed fabric. However if you prefer more of a slick fabric, check out the pair by the Gym People. The slick fabric makes them less prone to attracting lint, fuzz, or pet hair!

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Athleta City Pant

CRZ Yoga’s Feathery-Fit fabric (88% Polyester, 12% Spandex) is extremely close to Athleta’s Featherweight Stretch fabric (also Polyester/Spandex). Most of the available options in 2021 are based off Athleta styles from a few years ago. Still on the lookout for an affordable alternative for the Skyline or Brooklyn pants.

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to City Jogger

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Lined City Jogger

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Aspire Pant

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Chelsea Cargo Pant

These two options are similar to the Chelsea pant but with a few differences in features. I’ll note these differences below, but note that the fabric and overall aesthetic makes them great options.

Athleta Alternatives: Similar to Criss Cross Sweatshirt

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