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5 New Lululemon Lookalikes for November 2023: Trendy Queen Review

We all love the sleek style and comfort of Lululemon, but let’s face it – the price tags can be a bit daunting.

If you’re on the lookout for some affordable alternatives that offer the same chic aesthetic without breaking the bank, you’re in luck!

I’ve recently stumbled upon a brand called Trendy Queen that specializes in Lululemon lookalikes, and I’ve been putting their products to the test. Spoiler alert: they’re good!

Today, I’m excited to share some of my top picks from Trendy Queen that not only mimic Lululemon’s designs but also come with a much friendlier price tag. Best of all, they are available on Amazon, which is super convenient.

Lululemon Lookalike #1

Photo courtesy of Trendy Queen

Trendy Queen Womens Zip Up Hoodie

This is the first item I tried from Trendy Queen, and it’s becoming a fast favorite. After trying it in grey, I immediately ordered a second in army green.

For fans of the original Lululemon Scuba hoodie, this Trendy Queen zip-up fleece hoodie is a must-have. With thumbholes, Lululemon lookalike seams, and a cozy fleecy interior, this hoodie offers a cozy oversized fit. The exaggerated large hood only adds to the comfort.

Crafted from a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, it’s intentionally more oversized for that extra comfort factor.

Pro tip: Order your true size for that perfect oversized fit. It definitely runs large! A size small is close to an 8 or 10 size Lululemon Scuba.

Plus, it’s available in a range of beautiful neutral shades to suit your style.

Lululemon Lookalike #2

Photo courtesy of Trendy Queen

Trendy Queen Womens Hoodies Quarter Zip Pullover 

For those who adore the cropped style reminiscent of Lululemon’s famous oversized Scuba half-zip cropped hoodie, the Trendy Queen Cropped Hoodie might be your new favorite.

From the half zip design to the kangaroo pocket and exaggerated hood, it’s almost like finding a twin. The only noticeable difference is in the shoulder seams.

Available in 16 different colors, including a range of pinks, blues, and neutrals, I found this hoodie is slightly more oversized than its Lululemon counterpart.

Lululemon Lookalike #3

Photo courtesy of Trendy Queen

Trendy Queen Womens Oversized Sweatshirts Half Zip Pullover

If you’re seeking a hybrid of Lululemon’s Brushed Softstreme half zip and Scuba Oversized funnel neck, look no further than the Trendy Queen Oversized Half Zip.

While maintaining the oversized sleeves and boxy fit, this piece combines elements from different Lululemon styles.

Notably, it lacks pockets and thumbholes, but its relaxed yet chic vibe is perfect for casual wear.

Available in stunning neutral shades like khaki, olive green, and heather grey, this Trendy Queen piece is priced significantly lower than Lululemon’s sweatshirts.

Lululemon Lookalike #4

Photo courtesy of Trendy Queen

Trendy Queen Womens Zip Up Hoodie

First up, we have the Trendy Queen Quarter Zip Pullover Hoodie, which bears a striking resemblance to Lululemon’s Scuba Oversized Full Zip.

With similar thumbholes, seams, and an oversized hood, it’s a close match.

Crafted from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this hoodie comes in a whopping 18 different colors, including vibrant shades like hot pink and serene pastel blues, along with various beautiful neutrals.

And the best part? It’s priced at a fraction of what you’d pay for a Lululemon Scuba!

Also, if you prefer a closer fit resembling the Lululemon Scuba, check out the Fengbay brand, which offers a design closer to the original Scuba hoodie but still with a cropped fit.

Lululemon Lookalike #5

Photo courtesy of Trendy Queen

Trendy Queen Womens Zip Up Jacket

Lastly, we have the Trendy Queen Athletic Jacket, a fantastic lookalike to Lululemon’s Define jacket.

With its athletic slow-to-body fit, performance fabric, thumbholes, and full length zipper, this jacket ticks off all the boxes.

Made from a blend of 75% polyamide and 25% spandex, it ensures both flexibility and durability during workouts or everyday wear.


In conclusion, Trendy Queen has truly impressed me with its range of Lululemon lookalikes that don’t compromise on style or quality while offering a much more affordable price point.

Whether you’re after a hoodie, a cozy fleece, or a sleek athletic jacket, these alternatives are worth considering. Fashion and comfort don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag, and Trendy Queen proves just that!

I hope this guide helps you discover some fabulous Lululemon-inspired pieces without draining your wallet. Happy shopping!

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