Colorfulkoala’s New Dreamlux Fabric Really is Dreamy

Introducing the Colorfulkoala Dreamlux Collection: Your New Activewear Obsession

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When it comes to affordable activewear, there’s a brand that’s been making waves on Amazon – Colorfulkoala. With a stellar reputation and high ratings, Colorfulkoala has carved its niche in the world of activewear.

Their latest Dreamlux collection, crafted with premium materials and unparalleled attention to detail, is something special.

Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala
Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala
Photo courtesy of Colorfulkoala

We recently tested a few items from the Colorfulkoala Dreamlux collection. Here’s why we think this line is worth a try.

The new Colorfulkoala Dreamlux collection is one of the best affordable activewear lines we've tried

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux fabric is buttery soft

In my opinion, what sets Colorfulkoala Dreamlux apart from the rest is their material choice. Unlike standard Nylon 6 used by many other activewear companies, Colorfulkoala uses Nylon 66 fabric, which is considered superior in quality. This difference might seem subtle, but it’s what elevates the Dreamlux Collection to the next level.

Enhanced even more with a premium fabric called Lycra Black, this collection offers durability and comfort that exceeded my expectations, going above and beyond regular spandex fibers commonly found in activewear.

Fabric content on the leggings: 81% Nylon, 19% Lycra Black

Fabric content on the ribbed tank: 78% Nylon, 22% Lycra

Comparable to Aligns and Salutation leggings

Imagine an affordable legging option that actually stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Lululemon’s Align and Athleta’s Salutation.

Colorfulkoala’s Dreamlux Collection is precisely that – it offers a comparable quality and feel that can rival these popular items, but at a fraction of the price. I am seriously impressed.

I’ve tried all three, and here’s some of my review notes:

  • Colorfulkoala Dreamlux is most similar to Athleta Salutation. In fact, it’s the best Salutation lookalike we’ve found!
  • Dreamlux is matte and brushed but has a slightly slicker feel than Lululemon Align fabric (Nulu).
  • The waistband size on the Colorfulkoala Dreamlux is more like Athleta Salutation, in my experience. It’s still high rise, but not as high rise as Aligns.
  • Length, fit, stitching, and seams is very comparable across all three options.
  • Colorfulkoala Dreamlux is slightly more compressive than CRZ Butterluxe fabric (which I also love).
  • Like Aligns and Salutations, the best use for the Dreamlux leggings will be yoga or light activity like walking or running errands. It’s also well suited for lounging and working from home.
Colorfulkoala Dreamlux leggings compared to Lululemon Align
Close-up of the Dreamlux legging side-by-side with Lululemon Align

Colorfulkoala also added a small round logo at the back of the waistband, which is similar to Aligns. The logo is minimal and blends in nicely.

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux leggings compared to Lululemon Align

An expansive collection with lots of options

I am surprised by the sheer number of items in the Dreamlux collection. The range includes leggings, yoga shorts, flared yoga pants, tank tops, body suits, and sports bras.

Among these, my personal favorites include the Dreamlux leggings (of course) and the ribbed v-neck tank top.

I picked up the v-neck tank top in this gorgeous olive color.

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux ribbed tank top

It reminds me a lot of Lululemon’s Align Tank but with a ribbed texture. It felt very compressive and supportive, while still being super cute. I immediately went on Amazon and ordered the longer tank top version of it as well.

Here’s a close-up of the ribbed fabric:

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux ribbed tank top
Close-up of Colorfulkoala Dreamlux fabric


Sizing seems in line with other activewear lines we’ve tried.

The size medium legging is similar to a Lululemon Align in size 6.

For the bra tank, the size medium fit about the same as an Align Tank in size 6.

Conclusion and links to buy

For those seeking quality, comfort, and style without the hefty price tag, Colorfulkoala’s Dreamlux Collection on Amazon is definitely worth your time.

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux High-Waisted Leggings (25 and 28″ length)

Colorfulkoala Dreamlux 6″ Ribbed Yoga Shorts

Colorfulkoala Women’s Dreamlux Ribbed Racerback Workout Tank 

Shop the full Dreamlux collection

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases using affiliate links.

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