CRZ Yoga Hoodie – Review and Comparison to Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

CRZ Yoga Hoodie – Review and Comparison to Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

Looking for a cheaper alternative for the Lululemon Scuba oversized half-zip hoodie? I found one!

The original review here is about a CRZ jacket that closely resembled the original Scuba hoodie from Lululemon. But since publishing, the Scuba half-zip from Lululemon has become very popular. Like many of you, I’ve been waiting for other brands to make an inexpensive “inspired by” version. I can’t wait to give this one a try.

It’s the LASLULU Fleece Lined 1/2 Zipper Sweatshirt on Amazon.

Looks pretty similar, huh? Similar seams, thumbholes, the oversized slightly cropped fit. I’ve seen the price fluctuate from 30-36 dollars, so it’s quite a steal compared to the Lululemon hoodie.

It comes in a few colors. Black:




Link to buy the Laslulu half zip on Amazon

I’ll update (hopefuly soon) will a full review. In the meantime, here’s the original post, comparing the CRZ Yoga hoodie with the original Lululemon Scuba hoodie.

CRZ Yoga Cotton Hoodie – Similar to Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

CRZ Yoga is a popular activewear brand available on Amazon.

The CRZ Cotton Hooded Jacket is a very high quality piece that is similar in style to the classic Lululemon Scuba hoodie. However there some key differences that I’ll describe in detail below.

First impressions

  • This piece is very well made!
  • The hoodie is mid weight (not thin like a t-shirt but also not thick like a jacket).
  • The stitching is even and consistent with no loose threads that I can find.
  • The zipper feels sturdy and heavy duty.
  • The shape and style are flattering.
  • The interior is not fleece-lined.

Fabric comparison

  • The fabric content of the CRZ: 88% Cotton, 12% Polyester
  • The fabric content of the Lululemon: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

side by side comparison of lululemon scuba hoodie vs similar crz yoda hoodie

Other similarities:

  • Mid-weight cottony fabric
  • Slim and fitted through the body
  • Long sleeves with thumbholes
  • Large, structured hood
  • Large collar
  • Heavy-duty zipper that feels sturdy and high-quality
  • Side hand pockets and hidden media pocket
  • Ribbed panels on the side

crz yoga hoodie vs lululemon scuba hoodie

Main differences:

  • The biggest difference is the material. Though the CRZ hoodie feels very high quality, it is still quite different.
  • The CRZ Yoga hoodie has drawstring for the hood, whereas the Lululemon one does not.
  • The Lululemon hoodie (specifically the one labeled “Light Cotton Fleece” on the Lulu website) is softer on the inside, with a very thin fleece lining, whereas the CRZ hoodie has a French terry interior with no fleece. You can see the fleece lining in the photos below.
  • The CRZ hoodie has a subtle texture to the exterior fabric. This is visible in the photo below of the olive green hoodie that I tested.
  • The CRZ hoodie fabric is slightly more slick on the exterior.
  • The Lululemon hoodie has a stiffer collar and hood.

close-up of the Lululemon Scuba hoodie's fleece lining. The CRZ hoodie does not have a fleece lining

Additional notes:

  • The CRZ hoodie in small is between a size 4-6 in Lululemon Scuba hoodie.
  • The CRZ hoodie in medium is between a size 8-10 in Lululemon Scuba hoodie.
  • The CRZ hoodie has a nice, heavy weight to it, and the seams seem to be high quality.

Is it worth it? Should you considering buying the CRZ Yoga hoodie?

I vote yes.  It is  a high-quality piece with great style and design. And although I still shop at Lululemon, I also love to find a great deal on a similar product, so I can shop the look for less!

Here’s some of the main reasons you might consider a similar product.

  • Save money. Sometimes you can find items that have a similar look or style, but cost less.
  • There are certain occasions when you want the Lulu look, but you don’t want to damage your actual Lulu items.
  • You may want more colors or style options.
  • Lulu items are often sold out in certain sizes, and many colors are only offered for a limited run.


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