CRZ Yoga Jacket Review – Similar to Lululemon Hooded Define jacket

CRZ Yoga Jacket Review – Similar to Lululemon Hooded Define jacket

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Activewear Jackets Similar to Lululemon’s Hooded Define Jacket

CRZ Yoga has created numerous pieces that appear to be inspired by Lululemon, and they are all available to purchase on Amazon or the CRZ Yoga website. In fact, CRZ might be the most well known brand, when it comes to Lululemon alternatives.

I own Lululemon’s hooded Define jacket, made out of Nulu fabric. I recently had the chance to test out CRZ Yoga’s “inspired by” take of the Define hoodie. Spoiler: It is a VERY good, impressive alternative.

Link to product: CRZ YOGA Women’s Brushed Full Zip Hoodie 


CRZ Yoga Hooded Jacket – Similar to Lululemon  Hooded Define Jacket

Basic details: 

  • The fabric content of the CRZ: 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex
  • The fabric content of the Lululemon: 81% Nylon, 19% Lycra® elastane
  • Note: Spandex, Lycra, and elastane are interchangeable terms but mean the same thing. The different names are used depending on the country that manufactures it (or the brand’s preference in labeling).

Other similarities:

  • Soft fabric with a matte, slightly brushed finish
  • Slim and fitted through the body
  • Curved seams through the body to add a flattering shape
  • Long sleeves with thumbholes
  • Large hood
  • Sturdy zipper that feels high quality
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Elastic sleeve cuffs that can be folder over hands for extra warmth (Lululemon calls them “Cuffins”)

These photos show close-up details of the CRZ jacket. Note the sturdy zipper, strong seams, brushed fabric, and sleeve cuff details.

inspired by Lululemon hooded define jacket, alternative by CRZ Yoga - details like the brushed fabric and sleeve cuffs


Main differences:

  • The biggest difference that I can discern is with the length. The CRZ jacket is a little shorter in the sleeve length and in the body.

Sizing and color notes:

  • CRZ jacket in size medium is between a size 8-10 in Lululemon Hooded Define jacket. Note that the Hooded Define jacket in Nulu runs about a size smaller than the regular Defines.
  • I purchased the “grey sage” colorway, and it looks identical to the Lulu color of the same name. The stock images show a little different on my screen, so beware if you are hoping for the color shown in the stock images. The real-life image is more muted and greyish.

inspired by Lululemon hooded define jacket, alternative by CRZ Yoga - photo showing the lulu zipper next to the crz zipper

Image showing the CRZ (on left) next to Lululemon (on right). The CRZ still has a protective plastic shield on the zipper, from original packaging.

Is it worth it?

Big yes! I have exceptionally long arms, so the CRZ is a little short in the arms for me (only noticeable if I want to use the arm holes). It’s a third of the price! It is also much higher quality than I expected. But if not for the sleeves, I would be buying this jacket in every color. It’s that good.

Link to product: CRZ YOGA Women’s Brushed Full Zip Hoodie 

Why consider buying an item like this?

I am personally a big fan of Lululemon, but I also love to find a great deal on a similar product. Here’s some of the main reasons you might consider an “inspired by” piece, rather than the real deal.

  • You don’t want to spend as much money. The jacket by CRZ costs a fraction of the price of the real thing.
  • There are certain occasions when you want the Lulu look, but you don’t want to damage your actual Lulu items. For ex: doing yard work. That way, I can still get the look I want, without fear of destroying my more expensive items.
  • You may want more colors. The CRZ jacket currently comes in 9 different colors.
  • Lulu items are often sold out in certain sizes, and many colors are only offered for a limited run.

Do any other brands offer a Lululemon Hooded Define jacket alternative?

Although there are TONS of Define jacket alternatives on Amazon, I really haven’t found many that offer a hood. As noted above, the hooded version of the Define is made of Nulu fabric, whereas non-hooded Defines are made of Luon or Nulux.

Vutru makes one that looks very similar, but they only offer 2 colors at this time:

Link to product: Vutru hooded jacket

Yogalicious makes a fabric called Nude Tech, which is actually quite similar to Nulu. I haven’t seen this one in person, but it looks an awful lot like the Hooded Define jacket.

Link to product: Yogalicious jacket

One more honorable mention product

If you are a fan of Lulu Define jackets in Nulu, definitely check out this amazing half-zip pullover by Yogalicious. It’s one of my favorite Amazon activewear purchases of all time! It’s just like a Nulu Hooded Define jacket, except in a half zip version. Super soft, very high quality. Very affordable.

Link to product: Yogalicious half-zip