Colorfulkoala Jogger Review

Colorfulkoala Jogger Review

Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Fitted Joggers

Colorfulkoala is a popular brand with several best-selling items that are available to purchase on Amazon or the Colorfulkoala website. For a long time, they focused on only leggings. But a few months ago, they came up with these joggers, which are  similar in style to the Lululemon Align jogger.

Lululemon’s Align joggers are a popular item due to their comfort and unique style. They are a jogger that leans towards legging in style (no tie string/drawstring, a legging-like waistband). They are made out of Nulu fabric, the same as Align leggings.  They are super soft and cozy!

And if you are a fan of Athleta, they are also similar to the Salutation Joggers.

Needless to say, when Colorfulkoala came out with a jogger, I had to give them a try! And… spoiler: I love them! They are one of the BEST affordable activewear pieces that I’ve tried. I own multiple colors and am thinking of purchasing more!

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They are NOT the same as Lululemon Align joggers. However, they are similar. Here’s how they compare to the Align joggers (which I also own and enjoy):


  • Wide, seamless waistband
  • Brushed, soft fabric
  • No drawstring or tie
  • Pockets
  • Back seams
  • Length and overall style
  • High rise


  • Slightly wider waistband
  • Slightly thinner fabric
  • No waistband pocket
  • Less of a V curve in the back seams

Reviewer notes: 

Note: The black joggers seem to be a different fabric than the other colors.

Visually, these are very imilar. And in certain colors, the fabric is similar as well (like the olive shade, for example, is particularly good). But in other colors (black, namely) they are not nearly as soft and can’t really compare to Nulu. The black joggers is more similar to Luon than Nulu. They are more cottony, and even a bit scratchy. Also more structured. So if you like Luon, give them a try! Otherwise I would stick with the non-black colors.

The waistband is similar in design, but it’s slightly wider/higher on the Colorfulkoala. In terms of sizing, the Colorfulkoala medium is nearly identical in the waistband width and length to a size 8 Align jogger. However, the Align seems slightly baggier in the thighs.

I also own Lululemon Aligns, and I actually prefer the Colorfulkoala joggers because I find them more flattering (on my body type, anyway).

(Full length photos coming soon!)

The other benefit of the Colorfulkoala option is the vast color selection. At the time of publishing this blog post, they have more than a dozen different solid color options and even some patterns. Lululemon typically only a few color choices at a time, and as of late, they have struggled to keep all sizes in stock. This is another reason to give the Colorfulkoala joggers a try. (I’m eyeing the “dusty red” shade.)

One thing to note: You really can’t beat Lululemon quality. Though spendy, Lulu pieces last for years and years. The fabric, seams, craftsmanship of Lulu pieces is why the brand has such a strong reputation. My Colorfulkoala joggers have held up well so far, but I am realistic about my expectations.

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